Coriolis Power Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures custom motors, fans and generators.
We specialize in delivering tailor - made motion solutions to the toughest motion problems.
Product lines:

Flat Torque Motors

slim profile, hollow shaft, high torques direct - drive with zero - backlash, zero-cogging, integrated encoder and fast responseideal for pedestals and positioning applications.

Compact Servo Power Packs

Powerful (up to 120 Nm), compact, Zero Backlash Servo Power Packs integrated driver and encoder

Very Large Diameter Motors

Very large diameter (up to 800 mm diameter) flat servo motors, delivering high torque.

Generator Sets

electrical machine, experience up to 10 KW.

Brushless Motors

existing models offer high efficiency brushless motors up to 1.5 KW in cylindrical or compact package with integrated driver.

Miniature Motors

Coreless motors, 4- 36 mm diameter, for fans and positioning. Integrated encoders, drivers and gears available. Brush-type or brushless.