About Us

Since 2006, Coriolis Power Systems provides custom - built motors at competitive pricing.
Our design expertise and combined experience in electrical machine design, power electronics and aerodynamic design enable us to deliver the best
solutions to the toughest motion problems.
We also offer our customers assistance in system analysis and the definition and specification of the optimal motion solution for their application.

Our manufacturing meets ISO9001:2008 quality standards. 
We offer full warranty to all of our products.
We welcome the opportunity of offer custom design to your most demanding motion needs.

We can provide every part of the motions solution:
  • Motor
  • Gearbox
  • Encoder/resolver
  • Driver
Our development life - cycle includes:
  • Product specification
  • design
  • prototype - building
  • performance and environmental testing
  • production readiness demonstration 
  • full - rate series production
We also support limited - quantity series production.