Coriolis Power Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures custom motors, fans and generators.
We specialize in delivering tailor - made motion solutions to the toughest motion problems.
We have five major product lines:
  • Flat Torque Motors
Slim profile, hollow shaft, high torques direct - drive with zero - backlash, zero-cogging, integrated encoder and fast response ideal for pedestals and positioning applications.
  • Compact Servo Power Packs
Powerful (up to 120 Nm), compact, Zero-Backlash Servo Power Packs, including, motor, zero-backlash gearbox, integrated driver and encoder. 
  • Very Large Diameter Torque Motors
Very large diameter (up to 800 mm diameter) flat servo motors, delivering high torque (up to 800 Nm) in a compact package. Ideal for direct drive of turrets, pedestals etc.
  •  Brushless Motors for Fans
Existing models offer high efficiency brushless motors up to 12 KW in cylindrical or compact package with integrated driver. Operating voltages starting 24V up to 600V.
  •  Miniature Motors
Coreless motors, 4- 36 mm diameter, for fans and positioning. Integrated encoders, drivers and gears available. Brush-type or brushless.
  •  Generator Sets
Electrical machine experience up to 12 KW. up to 750V output voltage.
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