Flat Motor Technology

Flat Motor Technology
Our Flat motors are based on axial - flux, permanent magnet, coreless winding, brushless design in a unique proprietary configuration.
  • Thin - Profile flat shaped motor (disc or square)
  • Integral Encoder - easy integration of encoder inside motor, with almost no space loss.
  • High power/volume ratio -  50% length (same diameter), compared to standard brushless motor
  • Direct Drive Traversing - at high torque, with no gearbox – zero backlash
  • Hollow shaft -  inherent in geometry.
  • Zero Cogging
  • High Efficiency -  at high speeds, coreless construction eliminates core eddy currents and iron losses.
  • Competitive Pricing - optimized for advanced manufacturing, resulting in low labor content, excellent repeatability and ultimately: low manufacturing cost.

  • Fully integrated driver
  • Fully integrated encoder
  • Interated Gear Box